my work

I am driven by a relentless need to tinker, destroy, fiddle with, create, explore — to seek out what has yet to be made, and show it to the world. Here's a quick overview of what I'm proud to have made so far.


Personal project
Next.js / Rust
Used by 500+ users at 15+ universities and colleges across the world

Gradekeeper is a free and easy-to-use website and Progressive Web App (PWA) that allows university students to track their course progress.

It provides helpful information about average grades, grades needed to reach a certain goal, and projected grades, based on what they've already achieved.

Gradekeeper is a Next.js app, using React and Chakra UI on the frontend, with Prisma ORM connected to a PlanetScale MySQL database for storing user data. It uses Google for authentication and account management. I created Gradekeeper because I was annoyed at not being able to see my progress in a course – and what grade I would likely get based on my results so far.

It has quickly blown past my expectations — with over 500 registered accounts at 15+ universities around the world including all of New Zealand's major universities, several leading Australian institutions, and the University of California, San Francisco.

GoCloud Connect — Whānau Āwhina Plunket

Lead frontend engineer
React / AWS
In 2022, I led the development of a React-based call center solution using Amazon Connect that was deployed nationally to Plunket’s at-home care service. This solution involved 4 repositories, 30,000 lines of code, and over 100 total AWS resources organized with CloudFormation and remains the proudest piece of work in my career.

My team engineered a solution that never missed a beat — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — so Plunket nurses can never miss a call from a concerned mother caring for her child. As you read this, a nurse will be using our solution to pick-up a call, escalate, or schedule an appointment with a mother.

Thousands of engineer hours went into scrutinizing every detail — flows, buttons, actions, text — to ensure it was super simple to use for customers, and we delivered a product that meets every need for Plunket.

We also handled the transition from a legacy on-premise call center solution to our cloud-based solution built on top of Amazon Connect, including porting numbers, creating documentation training staff, and ensuring that the transition was as smooth as possible.

Visitor App — Garage Project

Lead engineer
React / DynamoDB
The Visitor App was a React-based app connected to a DynamoDB database using AWS Lambda, that handled visitor induction and safety paperwork for hundreds of visitors entering Garage Project sites every day across Wellington.

I engineered the application's structure to support both Google and Microsoft (MSAL) systems, so that a staff member was alerted and sent the filled-in paperwork when a visitor completed the form.

I also pushed for the system design to be fully generic and turn-key, so that our company could, within a day, deploy this system to a new client with minimal configuration and zero code changes.


Engineering chief
Elixir / Phoenix

StreamTools is a subscription service that allows streamers and other content creators to have interactive and powerful on-stream tools for as little as $5/month.

StreamTools primarily consists of a Phoenix web server, providing up generated pages on each request. It consists of a variety of utilities that perform different functions, but one of note is the Engagement Counters, which show the number of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and other social media stats on a stream.

I lead the technology & engineering side of StreamApps Limited, with two friends taking up the management and sales roles.