Jackson's portfolio

Wellington-based full-stack software engineer

I am a driven, experienced engineer and university student. I have 2 years of professional, salaried experience in front-end technologies and Amazon Web Services, including interacting with clients, writing documentation, managing product delivery, and assembling technology stacks.
I would consider myself an expert in C#, JavaScript, React, Java, and Python. I have an interest in the study of programming language theory and the development of new programming technologies.
On my GitHub are 82 public repositories detailing my experience and practice in a wide variety of established and emerging technologies. Recently I have been learning Rust, with my first large practice project being an online programming quiz site.
I am studying for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington. I expect to finish my courses at the end of 2024, and I am looking for graduate roles in 2025 and beyond.



  • Emerging frameworks and technologies, like Elixir and Rust
  • Innovative front-end frameworks, like Next.js and Svelte